The Virgo Bonus Map is a reward from throwing Mojo's into the Cauldron of Aruba. You have the chance to receive up to 1 map peice at a time and you need a total of Map Icon20 map pieces to create a full map and have access to the bonus map. 1 full map gives the players access to the bonus map once.

Waves Edit

Below is a table containing each wave, what monsters appear and the rewards for completed each wave.

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Wave NPC's Rewards
1 5x Aradas 210 Pearls, 50 Black Gunpowder, 25 Agwe's Armor Plates, 6 Steel Harpoons, 50k Gold, 20k EP​.
2 3x Aradas, 2x Houngan 305 Pearls, 100 Black Gunpowder, 50 Agwe's Armor Plates, 8 Steel Harpoons, 75k Gold, 25k EP​.
3 1x Aradas, 4x Houngan 269 Pearls, 150 Black Gunpowder, 75 Agwe's Armor Plates, 10 Steel Harpoons, 100k Gold, 27,5k EP​.
4 5x Aradas, 5x Houngan 419 Pearls, 200 Black Gunpowder, 100 Agwe's Armor Plates, 12 Steel Harpoons, 100k Gold, 32,5k EP​.
5 4x Aradas, 4x Bambara, 2x Icke 1k Pearls, 300 Black Gunpowder, 150 Agwe's Armor Plates, 14 Steel Harpoons, 125k Gold, 35k EP​.
6 2x Houngan, 2x Bambara, 4x Kezia, 2x Gangan 1,1k Pearls, 400 Black Gunpowder, 200 Agwe's Armor Plates, 16 Steel Harpoons, 150k Gold, 40k EP​.
7 2x Kezia, 3x Cheval, 2x Houde 1,3k Pearls, 450 Black Gunpowder, 300 Agwe's Armor Plates, 18 Steel Harpoons, 175k Gold, 45k EP​.
8 2x Dahlia, 4x Yavalou, 1x Nganga 1,7k Pearls, 550 Black Gunpowder, 350 Agwe's Armor Plates, 20 Steel Harpoons, 200k Gold, 50k EP​.
9 1x Houngan, 2x Bambara, 3x Kezia, 3x Cheval, 2x Simbi 1,9k Pearls, 650 Black Gunpowder, 400 Agwe's Armor Plates, 22 Steel Harpoons, 225k Gold, 55k EP​.
10 6x Houngan, 4x Yavalou, 1x Dahoma 1,5k Pearls, 650 Black Gunpowder, 350 Agwe's Armor Plates, 24 Steel Harpoons, 300k Gold, 70k EP​, 10 Mojos.

Rewards Edit

At the end of the last wave, you will get teleported back to the map you came from. You receive rewards after every successful wave, and in total you receive:

  • Pearls10k
  • Gold1,5m
  • 3,500 Black Gunpowder
  • 2,000 Agwe's Armor Plates
  • 150 Steel Harpoons
  • Mojos10
  • 400k EP
  • In addition to all of the above, you will also receive one of the following (equal chance):
    • Cunning Cannon Boost (5% damage increase for 7 days)
    • Virgo Hull (HP Icon12,5k increase for 7 days)