Level 1 Powder MonkeyEdit

Level 1 powder monkeys get the job done, but they're pretty weak - they only survive for 14 days. 200 of these powder monkeys guarantee a 4% faster loading time.

Reload Bonus: 4%

Cost: 100 Gold

Level 2 Powder MonkeyEdit

Level 2 powder monkeys are stronger and work harder, but they still live for 14 days. They guarantee a 10% faster loading time.

Reload Bonus: 10%

Cost: 200 Gold

Level 3 Powder MonkeyEdit

Level 3 powder monkeys work really hard, and though they only live for 14 days, they guarantee a 20% faster loading time. (1 per cannon equiped)

Reload Bonus: 20%

Cost: 300 Gold

Level 4 Powder MonkeysEdit

Level 4 powder monkeys are the best: They're healthy and strong and will work till they drop. They only live for 14 days but they guarantee a 40% faster loading time.

Reload Bonus: 40%

Cost: 50 Pearls

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