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Pearls are one of the main currency within Seafight. They are used to buy most elite items for your ship. The main method of obtaining pearls is by paying real-life currency, although is it possible to gain pearls from doing in-game activities.

Glitters Edit

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Finding glitters on the sea chart can sometimes reward players with pearls. It is possible to receive between 70-200 pearls from a shiny at any given time.

Players can also use a shiny doubler to help increase the pearl income from glitters.

Monsters Edit

Monsters that can be found on the higher pirate level maps can also reward players with pearls if they successfully sink them.

Happy Hours Edit

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Main article: Happy Hour

Bigpoint regularly holds Happy Hour/Mega Happy Hour which can double or triple the amount of pearls respectively. Meaning, if players choose to buy Pearls10k during Mega Happy Hour, players would recieve Pearls30k.