Level 1 ChainsEdit

Class 1 Chains are required to complete certain quests -  you'll find them very useful. You can find more information in the quest texts.

Cost: 15 Gold

Level 2 ChainsEdit

Class 2 Chains are tougher - and you need strong chains to complete certain quests. You can find more information in the quests texts.

Cost: 50 Gold

Leve 3 ChainsEdit

Class 3 Chains are made of good quality steel and are required for many tasks. To find out which tasksyou need chains for, check out the quests texts.

Cost: 125 Gold

Level 4 ChainsEdit

Class 4 Chains are the best on the market, making even the toughest task a breeze. You can also find more information in the quest texts. 1 Level 4 chain is need to upgrade a Admiral Cannon to a 60-Pounder.

Cost: 250 Pearls

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