Seafight offers many types of cannonballs. Each type costs different amounts of gold and do different amounts of damage. Pearl ammunition and event ammunition do more damage than normal gold cannonballs. You can win bundles of cannonballs in auctions if you are a good bidder. Pearl ammunition awards elite points upon use . Most award just 1 elite point, but other ammos, like repair cannonballs, add 2 points. Some ammo types may be crafted in the forge. 

Cannonballs 4 10 Gold
Stone Cannonball 6 15 Gold
Splinter Cannonball 10 20 Gold
Fireball 14 25 Gold
Hollow Cannonball 20 30 Gold
Explosive Cannonball 75 50 Pearls
Snowball 75 50 Pearls
Flare 75 50 Pearls
Exploding Pumpkin 75 50 Pearls
Reinforced explosive 75 60 pearls
Footballs 75 90 pearls
Voodoo Cannonballs 75 hp + 125 vp 120 pearls
Confetti 90 70 pearls
Pyreballs Effects:Fire damage: 10

Intervals: 3 sec. Duration: 12 sec. Damage: 50

70 pearls
Octopus Poison Ammo 60 in total (effects) 70 pearls
Ice Ammo 80 Only Available in events
Repair Ammunition 0 50 Pearls
Shrapnel 85 Crafted/Earned

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